In this page I want tell to you of tools that I use for my works.

  • Working with traditional techniques paper is one of the most important tool. I use a lot of paper for sketches, executives and for all halfway works. So, when I can, I try compensate for my massive use of paper.
    How I do it? I have two methods: the first one is to reuse and recycle all paper already used for photocopies of references so that these will be come paper for new sketches, doodles or for the shopping list.
    The second method I have used is to plant trees; some of them in my garden, some of them through dedicated associations and websiter (like tree nation)
  • I always use the paper most suited to the particular painting technique that a portrait needs.
  • If you have asked for an alcohol markers portrait you could be surprised since the paper seems copy paper but the weight (80gr) is the only thing that copy paper and markers paper have in common. Markers paper is a valid help for this beautiful technique, it will support the alcohol and will exalt the color brilliance.
  • My brushes are all synthetic hair except for some are made with ox hair. The quality of the tools is good so they don’t wear out too soon. It’s also important the care that I have in cleaning them and in maintenance.
  • My choice for Gouache and Watercolors is for the highest quality product sold on the market. For my gouache I choose the tubes, for watercolors I use the tubes and the pans (or “godet”).
  • Pencils need to be addressed separately. We can find some pencils objectively better than others (sometimes there are a pencils with a bad wood casing or pencils with broken rods) but the personal tastes are very important. So, I use the better pencils…for me!
  • I use various different brands of colored pencils for different works and details.

I use other tools like artist charcoal, sanguine, pastels and also I work with black ink, nibs and hatching; I also wish to start using oils. If you are interested in something different than the techniques that I propose feel free to contact me! Maybe we could create something special that could be made you even more happy!



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