At the and: Paloma! Her portrait is on the right side after Tabata and Caracciolo's portrait. Like Caracciolo, Paloma was a foundling and her story is quiet interesting.She was found as a kitten on a roof, were she was left without food for some days. A little window of the neighboring apartment building  overlooked the roof. Paloma's … Continue reading Paloma



He is Caracciolo and his portrait is the second for the "triptych" He is looking toward the viewer because his pretty face is in the centre of the trio of pictures. His owner found him on a street in Genova. Caracciolo lived in happiness for a long time. Lui è Caracciolo, è il secondo ritratto del … Continue reading Caracciolo


Here is the finished portrait of Moka! For me it's a very special pleasure to show her portrait. I'm so happy for the final result of the picture. The colours have a good balance, all colors have a good highlight and the composition is nice. Before the final version of Moka I posted the pencils sketch, if … Continue reading Moka


Here is Briciola! After a lot of time I finally portray a cat again. This picture was a birthday present and to make it the perfect gift I worked  a lot with the client on the preliminary sketch. It was very intense and fast. In the end the client and the guest were so happy for the present! =) I post … Continue reading Briciola


Welcome back and happy new year! My first publication for 2016 is Aramis a Bernese Mountain Dog. I always liked this big and sweet dogs and I'm so happy to portray one. Aramis's portrait was a Christmas present. The portrait was really liked and for me that's the greatest satisfaction. I post here a little … Continue reading Aramis