I am here again after a long absence with many news waiting to be revealed! Vacations are over and the warmth of summer left its place to the fallen leaves on the ground. Like the last year I want repeat Fall Sales. This year I wanted to start them early to give everyone a chance … Continue reading Fall SALES!



It'not everyday that you meet the subjects you portray and in this case I was lucky enough to meet Easy. I never met a Boston Terrier before and if they are all like her...I hope you get to meet one! Easy is a bombshell of joy. I met her at the Dog Pool Party held … Continue reading Easy

Labels for “Le Vibrisse” handcrafted dog food

Last autumn I was invited at the first Dog Pool party made by Wet Life. At the party I met many interesting and kind persons among whom a boy and a girl that produce handcrafted food for dogs. Honestly, the smell of that homemade food was really delicious and inviting: chicken with pears, mussels and … Continue reading Labels for “Le Vibrisse” handcrafted dog food