My online Shop!

Dear friends, we are now nearly past the half of october. It's time to start thinking seriosuly about Christmas gifts! If you want the certainity of a perfect work and of a timely delivery it's time to order your portrait! ;) By the way, I want to introduce you to the fruit of my latest … Continue reading My online Shop!



I am here again after a long absence with many news waiting to be revealed! Vacations are over and the warmth of summer left its place to the fallen leaves on the ground. Like the last year I want repeat Fall Sales. This year I wanted to start them early to give everyone a chance … Continue reading Fall SALES!

Red-crested Pochard

After a lot of commisions I found the time to do soe personal projects. Among the gifts of past Christmas there were some new colored pencils, the Luminance from Caran d'Ache, who have a bigger and better color palette and gave me the chance to try out some colorfoul new subjects. So, enough talk and … Continue reading Red-crested Pochard


The commision for this portrait came in at the last minute, with barely the time to finish it in time for Christmas. I didn't have a lot of time to put into it but Napoleone's photo impressed me for its expressivness. I wanted to finish that portrait, even if it meant losing sleep! It was … Continue reading Napoleone


The portrait of Akira was made with charcoal and graphite pencils. It was very hard as we didn't have many photos of him as it was meant to be a present and it was also a posthumous portrait. Still the result was very appreciated and I am very happy about it. I post here a … Continue reading Akira