Sometimes ago I was take a time to create one portrait for me. She is Wendy (Didi for friends) my dog. It's was very beautiful and particular made something for themselves. This time I have no target to reach, this portrait is for me and not for other customer. This work it was funny and … Continue reading Wendy

My online Shop!

Dear friends, we are now nearly past the half of october. It's time to start thinking seriosuly about Christmas gifts! If you want the certainity of a perfect work and of a timely delivery it's time to order your portrait! ;) By the way, I want to introduce you to the fruit of my latest … Continue reading My online Shop!


I am here again after a long absence with many news waiting to be revealed! Vacations are over and the warmth of summer left its place to the fallen leaves on the ground. Like the last year I want repeat Fall Sales. This year I wanted to start them early to give everyone a chance … Continue reading Fall SALES!

Grey Heron

The subject seemed like he was looking to be made into a portrait! During a walk outside we saw this nice specimen busy with preening his feathers.  I managed to make a photo shooting that resulted in this coloured pencils portrait. The background with the branches was hard and time consuming, but I'm very satisfied … Continue reading Grey Heron

Toco Toucan

This Toco Toucan is a special friend. He is a guest in the Oasi di Sant'Alessio*. The broken bill is his peculiarity that doesn't ruin his colorful presence. I was very lucky. This toucan flew near me and I took some beautiful photos while he watched me with curious eyes.   I post here a … Continue reading Toco Toucan