If you are here I would like to think that you are interested in discovering more details of my work. I want to answer some frequent questions for you.

Q- How do you work? Do you start from photos?

A- If you have one photo that you would like to reproduce I can do it! If you want I can portray only a detail like the eyes or face. Otherwise, we can work together to create the ideal portrait of your friend: I will need some photos anyway and we’ll decide together the pose and the details along with the painting technique.
Someone prefers to leave me all these choices. Don’t worry about it, I will surprise you!

Q- Do you need good and high quality photos?

A- No, I don’t need professional quality photos or very big images. I just need some photos that clearly portray your pet and I need to know if your friend has some peculiarity which can’t be seen very well in the photos.
However if I receive material that has a too low resolution or is of a very bad quality (like a

Q- Can I chose to give a picture as a gift?

A- Sure! I have need to know in advance if your commission will be a present so we can chose all details, for example the possible greeting notes or packaging. I have recently made available the GIFT CARDS; this can be a solution to make a fantastic present even if you can’t find the right photos or you are unsure which technique or subject the gift receiver would prefer.

Q- How long does it take you to finish a painting?

A- It usually depends on the complexity of the subject, by the quality and quantity of the reference material provided and by the technique and format. I suggest you contact me as soon as you can when you need to make a present for a holiday to be sure the portait can be made on time.

Q- Will I see the portrait only after it will be delivered at my home?

A- No, if you want, I can send to you an e-mail with the work in progress of the portrait!

Q- What’s the first thing that I need to do?

A- The first thing that you can do is to contact me! My e-mail address is elenacasiglio@gmail.com I’ll be happy to start discussing your project either if you have a clear idea or not!

Have you any other questions or doubts? Please, contact me at elenacasiglio@gmail.com or with the underlying form. I will reply to you at soon as possible!
Thanks =)


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