I am here again after a long absence with many news waiting to be revealed! Vacations are over and the warmth of summer left its place to the fallen leaves on the ground. Like the last year I want repeat Fall Sales. This year I wanted to start them early to give everyone a chance … Continue reading Fall SALES!



The commision for this portrait came in at the last minute, with barely the time to finish it in time for Christmas. I didn't have a lot of time to put into it but Napoleone's photo impressed me for its expressivness. I wanted to finish that portrait, even if it meant losing sleep! It was … Continue reading Napoleone

Another news: the GIFT CARDS!

And here, the very special and important news! There are the GIFT CARDS! =D Do you want to give a portrait as a gift but you have some problems findig the right photos? Are you unsure on which photo or technique to use? Well, a Gift Card is what you need! The Gift Cards are … Continue reading Another news: the GIFT CARDS!


Here is the second portrait of beautiful Angel! Angel's owner wanted a picture that remembered him of the sweet and intense gaze of her beautiful Labrador. This portrait was made with pastels   I post here a little preview but you can find the bigger version of Angel’s portrait in the gallery, in the Pastels … Continue reading Angel


With Bea's portrait I have the pleasure to introduce a new technique: Pastels! Pastels are hard to use but really satisfactory. Pastels are basically colored dust so the conservation of portrait need special care, that said, the effect that can be obtained is quite unique! In this portrait Bea was a puppy. I had the … Continue reading Bea