About me

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my pages!
My name is Elena I was born in the (now distant) 1986 in the north of Italy and now I live with a crazy dog and a middle aged cat. Shortly I will begin a new life in an house furnished by me and another very special artist , with a studio just for us. It’s a dream come true!

The things I remember most about my childhood are the games I did with my brother, the hands of my grandma while she teached me the traditions and crafts of the countryside folks, the passion for animals and for colors that I could express only by drawing.
I obtained an art school diploma and one triennial diploma in “Maestro d’Arte” at the Istituto Statale d’Arte Fausto Melotti di Cantù.
After that, I studied in Milan at the school of comics (Scuola del Fumetto) in the Illustration class.
In 2008 I finished my studies and I was so lucky to assist a great naturalistic illustrator called Orlandi Lorenzo. It was a really important and instructive experience!
At this point my life had an other change, since the recession and the few jobs available. I frequented some workshops in many different things like scenic design and stop motion animation at the Atelier della Luna. I took part at the “Scarpetta d’Oro” contest and I got an honorable mention.
Meanwhile I regained contacts with old friends that were directing and producing videoclips and short independent films. I worked with them for storyboards and I made scenographies and costumes. It was a really exciting adventure!
That’s all my experiences but I never forgot the passion and love for colors and animals.

I hope to give you something beautiful to look at and, if you want you can have my art in your home!
If you haven’t a four pawned (or eight legged or slithering, why not?) friend I hope to enchant you anyway.
If you want to follow me in this virtual space you are very welcome!



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