Sometimes ago I was take a time to create one portrait for me. She is Wendy (Didi for friends) my dog. It’s was very beautiful and particular made something for themselves. This time I have no target to reach, this portrait is for me and not for other customer. This work it was funny and relaxing but also hardest! When I made an artwork for a customer I give the top, there isn’t a distraction and  no one mistake are accepted.
When I work for myself, I can afford to experiment with colors and lines and it’s not a problem if a line come “wrong” or is not like our expectations.

Those who create is like that! ;)

Wendy’s portrait are made with colored pencils and she’s portrait is become a signboard

Here there are:


“Beware” signal made with one of my paintings

If someone are interested by this service please, contact me! =)

Contact me for any question, I will be pleased to answer.
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