Toco Toucan

This Toco Toucan is a special friend. He is a guest in the Oasi di Sant’Alessio*. The broken bill is his peculiarity that doesn’t ruin his colorful presence. I was very lucky. This toucan flew near me and I took some beautiful photos while he watched me with curious eyes.


Elena Casiglio - Tucano cornice

Toco Toucan, Pastels

I post here a little preview of this Toco Toucan portrait but you can find the bigger version in the gallery, in the Pastels section.

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*The Oasi di Sant’Alessio is a Natural Reserve near Pavia, in Italy. They take care of conservation and reintroduction in nature of local fauna mostly avian fauna.
Oasi di Sant’Alessio is a choice for various birds that nest there freely like storks and flamingoes that instead of migrating stay there all year long.

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