Labels for “Le Vibrisse” handcrafted dog food

Last autumn I was invited at the first Dog Pool party made by Wet Life.
At the party I met many interesting and kind persons among whom a boy and a girl that produce handcrafted food for dogs.
Honestly, the smell of that homemade food was really delicious and inviting: chicken with pears, mussels and sardines maki, apple and cinnamon bisquits and tipical italian food converted for dogs like “cassoeula” and “canederli”… These are just some of the recipes they make, all with human-grade ingredients.

Talking about our works we came up with a chance to collaborate on a project. So, after planning and some sketches the outcome of our collaboration are these:

I’m really proud of the results! =D

If you want to see the hand baked product of Le Vibrisse you can click these links:

Facebook page HERE

Official internet page HERE

My dog Wendy has already tried chicken and sardines…she loves it! if she could speak she would certainly reccomend it to her friends, so I really recommend the Vibrisse dog food to all my (human) friends who have a pet!


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