At the and: Paloma! Her portrait is on the right side after Tabata and Caracciolo’s portrait.

Like Caracciolo, Paloma was a foundling and her story is quiet interesting.She was found as a kitten on a roof, were she was left without food for some days. A little window of the neighboring apartment building  overlooked the roof. Paloma’s future owner could barely reach the window and call the kitty with crunchies cat food but…Paloma was not interested! She wanted only Carpaccio!

For all her lifetime she was a very funny cat, who greeted in the morning her owner with a long string of articulate meows. Sometimes she refused wet food for carpaccio…A true lady of an aristocratic house! ;)


Paloma, Gouache     6×13 cm

I post here a little preview but you can find the bigger version of Paloma’s portrait in the gallery, in the Gouache section or in the cat portraits section.

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