He is Adin!
He was a beautiful orange and white american brittany and a beloved dog.
The photos that I had for this portrait were really poor and I had to study so much but…The customer is really happy because “he really is Adin”!
I’m very happy and proud =)

You can find the bigger version of Adin’s portrait in the gallery, in the Colored Pencils section.

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2 thoughts on “Adin

  1. writingbolt says:

    What scares me about this picture is that it’s on a green “canvas.” The last time I tried to paint an animal was a dog laying on its belly. I know what I did wrong. But, I was also so discouraged by the result that I didn’t feel like doing more paintings. It wasn’t a terrible image…but I overloaded the paint. And, I think I made a mess of my workspace. Some day, I’d like to work with a painter I respect and have them help me give painting another try.


    • Elena C. says:

      Sorry for my answering so late!
      Painting is wonderful but can be very overwhelming! I suggest to get back to it with simple subjects, maybe monochromatic (like black and white or sepia + black and white). Never give up and if possible find some workshop in your area, they can really help getting back on track. Best of luck,
      Elena =)


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